I shoot strictly film photography
I am a cinematographer
I skateboarding
I play the accordion

This is all.

"Sometimes you get caught up trying to learn every trick, ride contests, get sponsors… But when you block all that out and bring it back to finding a line and riding, you realize in the end that there is only one trick, drop in." — Zach Miller

Where Is My Mind // Aaron Lieber 
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Stefan Janoski. backside tail power slide (?) - habitat mosaïc
thanks for the request unbrincreatif

The craziest back lip ever hahaha
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Happy Birthday Tom!


EVERYONE wish my dude inadvertent-child a happy birthday, dude is one of the coolest guys I know and had the pleasure of meeting on this website and it’s an extreme honor being called your friend.

:’^) You’re rad.

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Photograph taken during the 1992 Los Angeles riots