I shoot strictly film photography
I am a cinematographer
I skateboarding
I play the accordion

This is all.
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Josh Kalis by Mike Blabac
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u gonna act like a bitch


u gonna die like a bitch

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So I was Watching The BatDex Video when I noticed something 

Its BATDANZ the president of the United States Of America 

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It’s funny, I have a few spiritual beliefs, such as astrology, the belief in a secular after life, potentially reincarnation. And I get made fun of SO MUCH for it, by Christians, by Jewish people, by atheists. Everyone. Why is the belief in the influence of the universe and alignment of planets…

I love meeting people that don’t have the same views as me because when we speak on things such as this I always walk away with an understanding for other peoples views and it keeps me from getting stuck in this narrow minded kinda arrested development state.

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  • waking up: haha fuck

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The best part of waking up is Aleks in your cup
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H is for He wore it everywhere…
from Alien Workshop Mind Field dvd+ photo booklet


by Martha Rich